New Life Master Requirements

ACBL Masterpoint Ranks

Effective January 1, 2010

These rules apply to you if you joined the ACBL after January 1, 2010 or let your membership lapse after that date. If you joined prior to January 1, 2010 and have maintained continuous membership, click here to see the rules that apply to you.

Title Masterpoints Earned *
Rookie Fewer than 5
Junior Master 5
Club Master 20
Sectional Master 50 (5 must be silver)
Regional Master 100 (15 silver, 5 red or gold)
NABC Master 200 (with at least 5 gold, 15 red or gold and 25 silver)
Advanced NABC Master 300 (25 gold or platinum, 25 red, gold or platinum, 50 silver, 50 black) THIS IS A NEW RANKING CATEGORY.
Life Master 500 (50 gold or platinum, 50 red, gold or platinum, 75 silver, 75 black)*
Silver Life Master 1000
Gold Life Master 2500
Diamond Life Master 5000
Emerald Life Master 7500
Platinum Life Master 10,000
Grand Life Master 10,000 and see below*

*These requirements do not apply to people who are ACBL members as of December 31, 2009 and maintain continuous membership in the ACBL until they achieve Life Master status. These players will attain Life Master status upon earning 300 points, of which 150 must be pigmented as follows: 25 gold, 25 red or gold, 50 silver and 50  black. A member who had red masterpoints or a fraction thereof prior to Jan. 1, 1969, is required to possess at least 50 red or gold masterpoints in any combination. Any new member or player in an unpaid status for six months or more after Jan. 1, 1999, will be required to earn 50 black points to become a Life Master.


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